Google Buys Stealth Hardware Startup Agnilux

Google Buys Stealth Hardware Startup Agnilux

It's not a secret anymore that Google, the world's number one Internet Search Engine, currently has been fond of doing acquisitions of other companies. Especially for small companies that are considered by Google as has good performance but are constrained by capital to expand their businesses.

However, one of Google's latest acquisition is raising some big questions for many parties. Google has acquired Agnilux Inc, a stealth startup based in San Jose, California.

It's quite interesting for the observers of the internet technology. Because, Agnilux is a company consisting of former employees of Apple Inc. and PA Semi (Palo Alto Semiconductor), a Santa Clara, California based PowerPC processor company.

A few years ago, Apple bought PA Semi, whose technology, some claim, ended up in Apple's A4 processor. Some PA Semi people, however, left Apple shortly after the acquisition, opting to found a new start-up company instead. In addition, Scott Redman, Agnilux's director of application software is a former of software architect at TiVo.

Although Agnilux has never been officially announced what projects they are working on, the New York Times has reported that the company is in collaboration with Cisco of making the technology "Some kind of server" - that's as far as The New York Times got.

Mark Hayter, the chief operating officer at Agnilux, told The New York Times, "We want to make a splash, We don't want our manufacturer to take our intellectual property before we're ready." In other words, we have no clue as to what these guys are building.

Some industry speculation has Google’s interest in Agnilux stemming from a desire to wring more efficiency from its power-hungry data centers; others have mused that Google might be looking to expand its hardware business. Google already offers the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini to companies who want to deploy in-house Google search capabilities.

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